100% Pure Essential Oils - How Does It Work?

Plug in, drop in, and immerse yourself in our wide selection of essential oils. Follow these effortless steps in creating a harmonious atmosphere and build your very own sanctuary where you can rediscover inner peace, restore balance, and thrive in every aspect of your life.

Plug in your diffuser: Choose an ultrasonic diffuser that suits your preferences and ensure it is conveniently located near a power outlet.

Fill with water: Most diffusers have a water reservoir. Fill it with clean, room temperature water according to the instructions provided by the diffuser manufacturer. Be careful not to exceed the maximum fill line.

Drop in essential oils: Add a few drops of essential oil to the water. For single use of specific essential oils, 3-5 drops are typically sufficient. Alternatively, explore our suggested ratios to achieve our specifically curated scents available in our essential oil bundle selections. Feel free to adjust based on your preference and the size of the room. Remember, a little goes a long way, so start with a small amount and increase if desired.

Power on and enjoy: Turn on the diffuser, allowing it to release a fine mist infused with the captivating essence of the essential oils. Sit back and experience the transformative power of nature's botanical treasures as they enhance your living space and elevate your overall well-being.